Our Menu

Our menu offers the perfect pub food cooked from scratch, large quantities, and all at reasonable prices.  We strive to purchase goods locally, and during summer we use locally grown vegetables and fruits.  We also grow our own vegetables.  We use local prime beef and our butcher is only 2 miles away.


Charbroiled hamburgers and chicken breasts, pizzas, submarines, salads and traditional American sandwich fare with some international influence such as our Cuban sandwich.  That recipe was provided by the head chef of the HOTEL NACIONAL DE CUBA in Havana, Cuba while one of Earle's owners was posted to the US Mission in Havana. It is now our embassy.  


On Saturday, beginning at noon, we feature a 4 piece pan fried chicken dinner cooked like Grandma used to do.......in a black iron skillets using lard.  The pan gravy is made from cracklins and is superb.  Get here early as they go quickly.  If the chicken is sold out, ask your server if there is any gravy left. You might just get lucky and get some gravy bread on the house.


You can also call anytime 717 334 3698 to reserve your chicken dinner and choose the time that you wish to be served.  You can also email us at earlesinn@aol.com

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1/2 pound Prime Beef Burgers
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Charbroiled Chicken Breasts and Sub
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More Sandwiches, Seafood and Salads
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Buffalo Wings, Shrimp, Fries, Pizza, Soup, Pan Fried Chicken Dinner, and much more
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